About Catherine

I always had a romantic vision of hiking off with paiaboutnts on my back and capturing the light on the land. I felt that hiking gave you an excuse to paint and painting gave you an excellent excuse to stop hiking. Travelling through Canada, the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia from 1986 to 1990 gave me the opportunity to fulfil this vision.

However I found a deeper connection with people and more memorable moments through explorations of local markets.  Sharing food is a common language which transcends nationality or locality, sharing food preparation bonds complete strangers and families everywhere and the sharing of harvest fosters the creation of communities. It is this I celebrate in my paintings and my memories of those local markets with their intense colours, scents and textures remain inspirational and central to my art.

From 2003 to 2010 my work revolved around this concept of harvest and the changing light on fruit’s sumptuous shapes and delicious colours.

The 2004 ‘Passionate Fruit’ series was inspired by memories of holidays and the joy of discovering new explosions of tropical tastes, while 2006 ‘Familial Fruits’ revolved around memories of my grandmother’s orchard. In 2008 ‘Seasons’ paid homage to the fruits of my childhood from spring’s first flowering, through summer harvest and autumn colour, to winter’s bare branches.

These series epitomised abundance, the beauty of bounty and a successful harvest, the reaping of care, effort and husbandry.

‘Seasons’ also saw the emergence of two new directions. The autumnal ‘Last of the season’, where highly textured structure is balanced by polished, backlit fruit, celebrates survival, the joy of a gift of the earth out of season and unexpected. These large and colourful paintings gave way to quiet details in the ‘Deck the boughs’ suite of twelve, small, highly textured winter studies of bark and lichen.

‘Before the wine’ was released in 2011, although there were some hints in 2010, and also the first three of my ‘China’ series two of which were seen in the Loreto Spring Art Fair in September 2012.

In April 2012 my solo show ‘Inspiration and Memory’ opened at Greenhill Gallery, complete with music from the fabulous band Take5. Each painting was accompanied by a word of inspiration and lyrics from songs my mother sang while juggling more balls than any one person should ever have to. Although I have not included the lyrics on this site, I’m happy to share them with you if you are curious about specific works.

2013 saw me revisiting the ‘Before the wine’ series for the Barossa Vintage Festival where I was invited to exhibit with Artisans of the Barossa as part of the ‘Degustation and Art Trail’.

During SALA 2013 I launched my new home wares range of one off Art Chairs and Art Cushions as well as a very limited book of the Inspiration and Memory exhibition. This progression into fabrics continues with a Limited Edition run of pure silk satin scarves featuring six of my designs and other one off goodies.

Visitors to my 2014 SALA exhibition saw six other artists on show with me and the beginning steps in three new series which I’m planning for a 2015 solo exhibition.

2015 has been a year of surprises as I explored 20th Century Modern Masters through a series of workshops in a journey towards an abstract series that has been in my mind for some time now. I wanted to integrate some of the ideas and techniques I used in my early art into my current language. The speed and freedom in these works form a strong contrast to my still life series which will be exhibited during SALA at the St Ignatius Art Show August 7th-9th.

SALA 2015 was a busy time with an exhibition at Modern Nails and Beauty 23rd July – 23rd August and my Open Studio during the last weekend of August. Later in the year I was invited to create a solo exhibition for Pike’s Gallery in Clare which will showed over the summer and featured both still life and abstract works.

What an amazing ride 2016 was, literally! I joined with five other artists in ‘A Bus Full of Art’ for the Adelaide Fringe Festival touring the state from Goolwa to Port Augusta with our mobile art gallery. It proved so popular we created a similar event for SALA in the Square in August 2016.It was so interesting talking with everyone and we had a lot of fun. Well, put six artists in a bus and there’s bound to be laughter!

This year I’m so excited to be the artist in residence at Adelaide Central Market during August. This is continues the concept for an alphabet of fruit combined with a cook book I’ve been developing over many years of painting fruit. I hope to see you there.


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