Before the Wine

Originally conceived as a study of a single variety throughout a year’s cultivation, from bud burst through to final prune, the concept soon expanded to focus on the many varietals of grapes grown in different areas in South Australia and the challenges that the vintners face, before the wine.

The vines house a vibrant ecosystem and soil, drought, rain, heat and cold affect the many varietals differently. The man made twinnings of wire and structure are juxtaposed against last year’s dried twists and lush new growth tendrils and always, for me, the light defines it all. The strongly textured branches are a foil for delicately shaded grapes and the details of new growth are swept away by the blown leaves of autumn.

Particular thanks to Damien Tscharke, Marshal Steen and Ilona Glastonbury for their generous help and patience, this series has taken a while to create.


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