New Exhibition

I’m trilled to be invited to exhibit in The Centre for Creative Health first Adelaide Fringe Exhibition. My art practise has formed an integral part of my journey to health and well-being and I have enjoyed exploring this even further. My most recent work explores emerging areas of science investigating how light and colour can affect our brain through non-image forming pathways. The effect of ‘blue space’ and ‘forest bathing’ is now being researched with very interesting results, including improved creative solution finding after time spent immersed in the blues of ocean and sky. Our instinct to let the salt breeze ‘blow the cobwebs away’ is now being proved a good one!

The exhibition, which also includes works by Jane Skeer and Sue Michael, runs from February 23rd to the end of May and is open to the public at anytime.

The new exhibition spaces are located on the third floor and accessed by the B or C lifts.

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