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Solo exhibition opening at Greenhill Gallery 2012

What a joy it is to have friends and family help you celebrate the launch of a new series. I love giving all my paintings a party before sending them off into the world. In this series ‘Inspiration and memory’ I linked words of inspiration I associate with my mother and songs she sang during […]

Quickest quince paste recipe

We love quince paste with sharp cheddars or soft bries, pretty much with anything! So being able to make a quick and easy batch for friends and family to share is great.   Time – one hour including clean up!   Wash the fruit well, rubbing to remove the down. Core and quarter the fruit. […]


‘Pierre de Rhonsard roses’ was my first floral commission and hangs in a lovely old house with hugely high ceilings. Originally the owners were thinking of a smaller size but the space really needed more and at 1.8m long this is that. I do like to view the space where the work is to hang […]

the Heysen

To Catherine Fitz-Gerald,  is more than a walking trail of spectacular scenery. Her vibrant works reflect the many gustatory events that are celebrated along it’s length, from local farmers markets to the renowned Tastes of the Outback, Barossa Vintage, Sea  to Vines and Almond Blossom Festivals in a warm hearted embrace of South Australia’s iconic  […]

Advertiser Contemorary Art Awards 2007

‘Quinces, late light’ and ‘Wrong time rain’ were my entries in The Advertiser Contemporary Art Award 2007 where I was a finalist. My sister and I had been watching with glee her burgeoning crop of nectarines waiting for the right light and just the moment of ripe perfection to photograph and ultimately paint her luscious […]